The objective is to further increase the attractiveness of the community while at the same time reducing land consumption.

The main focus here is on registrating vacancies, raising awareness and providing initial advice to the target groups and communicating with owners. The approach is based on the needs of the people concerned, considers the existing building substance as well as the environment and concentrates during implementation primarily on activating them to take action.

The work phases of the project include the following steps, see also the Base Flyer Vacancy Management:

I. Identification of vacancies/building gaps in the participating pilot municipalities according to the specifications and definition in coordination with the responsible provincial authorities and the South Tyrolean Association of Municipalities.

II. Sensitisation of the population for comprehensive inner development: initiation and moderation of the process with the involvement of the population, thus defining needs and topics for the respective inner development (active inner development).


The first results of the pilot project were presented at the annual conference 2018 of the Plattform Land and have been presented in a small exhibition (more information by clicking on the name of the pilot sites above and on the information poster Vacancy Management).

III. Digitalisation of the data in coordination with the province of South Tyrol and the association of municipalities with regard to the uniform GIS software and its further development for vacancy management.

IV. Initial consultations of the involved citizens together with experts (architects, KVW Arche) on the day of the inner development, which were initially held in Glurns and Truden in late summer/autumn 2018.

V. Subsidies for municipalities and those willing to renovate should be examined and then coordinated and targeted, as is already the case in some neighbouring regions. This is what Plattform Land is working for.

Since 2017, Plattform Land has been conducting a pilot project on vacancy management in selected pilot municipalities in South Tyrol:

  1. Deutschnofen
  2. Gsies
  3. Jenesien
  4. Kaltern
  5. Klausen
  6. Kurtatsch
  7. Neumarkt
  8. Prettau
  9. Rasen-Antholz
  10. St. Leonhard in Passeier
  11. St.Martin in Thurn
  12. Taufers im Münstertal
  13. Tramin
  14. Truden
  15. Vahrn
  16. Vintl
  17. Mölten
  18. Lüsen

Further communities will follow.

The pilot municipalities support the coordination of the pilot project by Plattform Land with contributions or by placing an assignment to Plattform Land.