The SHELTER project is funded by the EU programme INTERREG Italy-Austria and runs from September 2019 to March 2022 with the partners Plattform Land, the Veneto Region (LP), EURAC, the municipalities of Val di Zoldo, Valstagna and Anras.
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The SHELTER project deals with the problems arising from the abandonment and the resulting decay of historic rural buildings in the Italian-Austrian border area. The vacancy, in part extensive, and the associated loss of traditional management has serious consequences for the cultural landscape.

SHELTER considers the preservation of the built heritage as an integral part of the development of the mountain landscape: Concepts for the sustainable use and restoration of empty historical example buildings are developed. For this purpose, results of previous EU research projects as well as a broad experience in the network of project partners and associated partners can be drawn upon. SHELTER will present new concepts for the use of the historical buildings, which support local development and fit into existing association and production activities. Furthermore, the buildings will be integrated as cultural landmarks into the network of already existing hiking and cycling paths.

SHELTER actively involves local residents through a participatory process. In this way, a redevelopment guideline with technical solutions and a series of indicators for the preservation of the cultural heritage will be defined on a cross-border basis. The results will be disseminated to the local authorities and local companies in workshops.