In Hafling, Mölten, Vöran and Jenesien on the Tschögglberg

In cooperation with the four municipalities on the Tschögglberg Hafling, Mölten, Vöran and Jenesien, the Plattform Land is working together with Kollektiv2020 and Apollis on the community development programme. Involving the population in this process is an important building block. The following participation measures have already taken place:

  • In June, a joint bus trip over the Tschögglberg and through the municipalities took place.
  • From August to September, we used questionnaires to gauge the general mood of the population.
  • The first meetings with the core groups in Vöran, Mölten and Jenesien took place in September and October.
  • Presentation of the results of the questionnaires from the municipalities.
  • In-depth analysis of the current situation with various people and institutions from the three municipalities in specialised groups.
  • Presentation and discussion of the results of the analysis of the current situation for all citizens at citizens’ assemblies.
  • Own workshops for young people on the GEP
  • Drawing campaign at the primary and secondary schools on the Tschögglberg on the future of the municipalities and the children’s favourite places

The various results are collated by the planning group, evaluated and fed back into the participation process in the form of an analysis of the current situation, discussed and revised.

The planning group

Plattform Land, Kollektiv2020, Apollis