COWORCare autumn conference & closing event | 14/12/2023 | BASIS Vinschgau Venosta | 5:00 pm

The “COWORCare” project aims to bring together coworking and care, i.e. the inclusion of childcare – and in the future also senior care – in the area of co-working structures. This would enable young parents and especially women, who still provide most of the social care, to work in a creative environment close to their home or holiday destination while having their children/elderly people looked after in or near the co-working structure. This would allow more young families and single parents to participate in the local labour market, reducing commuter traffic and creating a more collaborative and open work culture even in remote locations.

This year’s autumn conference “COWORCare” takes place on 14 December 2023 at BASIS Vinschgau Venosta at 5:00 pm.

A pop-up childcare centre was set up at BASIS Vinschgau Venosta from mid-October to mid-November as part of the “COWORCare” project.

Here you can find the PROGRAMME in detail.

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